Meet the Team

We recruit to the highest standards and actively seek dedicated, caring individuals who uphold our ethos. Continual professional development is encouraged as we believe our staff should be as happy and stimulated as our children.

Your child will have a member of staff as their Key Person; someone who really gets to know them, promoting their development and helping to build their confidence and social skills. They are also a point of contact for you.

Carla Brindley, Nursery Manager

Miss Brindley, or Carla as she prefers to be known has over a decade of experience of working within, and running, outstanding child care facilities and brings with her a raft of childcare qualifications. During her working life she has progressed from Nursery Nurse up to the position of Nursery Manager with full responsibility for coordinating the opening of The Nursery at Loughborough Endowed Schools. Carla is passionate about her career in childcare and has always aimed to ensure that children in her care learn in a safe, secure and stimulating environment, which provides the highest quality of care.
Jacqui Holford, Deputy Manager at the Nursery Lougborough

Jacqui Holford, Deputy Manager

Mrs Holford is an old friend from Our Lady’s Convent School pre-school Nursery and continues to lead our excellent pre-school Pioneers’ room. Mrs Holford is much loved by the children and is adept at preparing our Pioneers for their first days at school. Building on the confidence children have gained as they progress through The Nursery, Mrs Holford makes learning fun and has many years’ of experience to draw on in encouraging even the most timid or boisterous Pioneers to flourish.


Zoe has enjoyed over 20 years experience working in customer services and prides herself on being professional, friendly and approachable, with an enthusiastic attitude. Having previously worked on a school reception she has a great rapport with children, and with four of her own, she can empathise with parents who may be nervous when their child first joins us. It is then that her naturally calming nature and ability to listen is most appreciated by parents.
Judith is the Nursery chef


Judith our Nursery chef has over a decade of experience working in various local nurseries and prior to that with Rainbows Children’s Hospice. She loves working in a nursery environment where she can interact with the children. Judith owns hundreds of recipe books and enjoys adapting recipes to make them as enticing as possible and nutritionally appropriate for the under 5s. She has lots of exciting plans to involve the children in the processes of growing and preparing food. Judith believes that children enjoy learning about the food they eat. For more information about Judith and our catering provision please visit our nutrition page.


Danielle has experience within all age groups but in particular with babies. She is very creative and loves coming up with new ideas to help stimulate them and develop their learning. She is loving and caring and also has a son attending The Nursery.


Amber has over a decade of experience working in nurseries, most of that with children in the 18-24 month age range. She enjoys being creative and encouraging children with messy play whilst understanding each child’s personal developmental stage. She loves helping them as they engage with their surrounding; learn to manipulate things and expand their language and social skills – she says there is always something exciting happening when working with this age group.
Hayley has experience in a pre school enviroment


Hayley brings several years’ experience working in a pre-school environment and also draws on her extensive hands on experience with her two younger sisters. She particularly enjoys free play with the children when their imaginations can really take flight.


Grace has always had a passion for working with children and loves to work with children of all ages. Her favourite activities are the children are messy and creative ones! She enjoys working with children as it gives her the feeling that she has made a positive impact on individuals and she has helped give them the best start to their future.
Sian-Louise is experienced working with children under the age of 2


Sian-Louise has experience working with all age groups, especially with the under 2's. She enjoys getting messy with the children and watching them learn through their play and being creative.
Photo of Heidi who works at The Nursery Loughborough


Heidi loves working in the Pathfinders room and enjoys the excitement and enthusiasm for life of the two to three year olds.  She first knew she wanted work with children when her younger brother and sister arrived and now she finds that her calm and patient nature means she can really appreciate supporting the Pathfinders.
Nikki finds focusing on child development rewarding


Nikki feels that being involved in a child's progression as they journey through the early stages of their life is the most rewarding part of her role. Finding ways to stimulate their minds and develop their creativity is what she enjoys most, especially through outdoor and literacy activities. She also enjoys engaging in role play with the children which allows her to watch them explore and learn through play.


Mia has a range of experience working with children aged 6 weeks to 4 years but she enjoys working with all ages. She likes to provide messy play activities, especially painting, shaving foam and rice pudding play. Her favourite part of working with children is watching them and helping them to grow into confident individuals. Mia finds it very rewarding knowing that she has encouraged, and been a part of, their development.


Having her own children and having worked with children for many years Claire never ceases to be amazed and delighted by the things they do. She believes that the most important aspect of a child’s learning is that they feel safe and secure in their environment, so she likes to dedicate a lot of time to nurturing their wellbeing and involvement. She finds working with children is inspiring; they are so eager to learn and see wonder in all their experiences. Claire enjoys activities where she can investigate with the children as they make discoveries that stimulate their interests and develop knowledge and understanding.


Reena’s experience from being a mother, teaching assistant and Early Years Practitioner enables her to provide care for the children in a way that nurtures and encourages them to discover the world of education through play. Reena enjoys providing creative experiences for the children and is particularly interested in, and has studied, promoting positive behaviour.


Amy has many years’ nursery experience working with children of all ages.  She particularly likes caring for babies and watching and helping them as they grow and develop. She enjoys doing creative activities with the children such as gluing, sticking and painting and sensory activities including using shaving foam and water play.


Having grown up in a large family with nine siblings she has always been around young children and enjoys the variety that their imagination and insight brings to her life. She finds that no two days are the same, regardless of the age group that she works with, she finds working with children rewarding and engaging. Nicquita believes that working within The Nursery gives her the opportunity to look forward to going to work every day. She especially likes outdoor play and seeing how excited the children are by every opportunity and activity presented to them.